Josiah Hawley

全米で一番人気に輝いた番組「The Voice」にて、ポップ/R&B最高峰のエンターテイナーと言われるアッシャーからメンターを受ける。

USA TodayやMTVニュース、Rolling Stone、 OK Magazine、 The Today Show、 ENewsで取り上げられ、歌手としてハリウッドからの全面的にバックアップされる。


The Today Show, ENews, Access Hollywood, New York Live, MTV News, OWN

The Voiceに参加後、3曲のシングルをリリース。
”I Just Want Your Love”、ホリデイシングル “Now it’s Christmas”、1番最近リリースした曲は “Do it For You.”


About Josiah Hawley

Josiah is a modern-day James Dean -with old-fashioned charm and a magnetic personality.  Josiah was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where small town family values and a persistent work ethic ran strong. Leaving everything he knew, he packed little more than his guitar and a dream for Nashville, and eventually– Los Angeles.

Mentored by Usher on The Voice, Josiah captured hearts worldwide with his stripped-down musical performances and classic good-looks.

Since then, the singer/ songwriter/ model has become what some say a “burgeoning bad boy," with his high energy, live performances featuring a three-piece horn section and soulful background vocals. Josiah's music is pop/soul with an edge, his sound big and live in a music environment that is increasingly electronic and minimalist in nature. Garnering attention from USA Today, MTV News, Rolling Stone, OK Magazine, The Today Show, ENews and Access Hollywood as a singer with the whole package, Josiah continues to captivate his fans.

Josiah has made appearances on a variety of TV shows: The Today Show, ENews, Access Hollywood, New York Live, MTV News, OWN and Extra to date.

Since his appearance on The Voice, Josiah has written and produced three singles: "I Just Want Your Love," a holiday single, "Now it's Christmas," and his most recent work, "Do it For You."